Cyber Security
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Dr. Umesh Garga

Cyber Security

WEBSITE SECURITY AUDITS: We check the web applications for vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perceptive as per OWASP standards. It includes weaknesses like cross site scripting, SQL injection, invalidated inputs, etc. We test applications based on this standard and determine the weaknesses and corrections required to make them secure. We dive deep in to the application to extract the juicy information. We do Audit, patching & Monitoring too.

CYBER SECURITY AUDITS : We perform network security audits, penetration testing and provide training to our customer’s staff so that they can take security measures their own. It helps to highlight those vulnerabilities which could be exploited by a remote unauthorized attacker.

CYBER SECURITY TRAINING PROGRAMS: To empower your people with knowledge of information/cyber security, we impart cyber security training. A well trained and vigilant work force can stop the intrusions at a early stage.