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Dr. Umesh Garga

Logo Designing

Logo is the most frequently used symbol that represents your company. Logo is used for any advertising, branding, letterheads and visiting cards, so it should be designed in a manner that it fulfills all the requirement, while it is on letterhead or visiting card or on any product you provide. Logo is one of the most important elements in developing a company’s brand.

Logo is the company identity therefore it should be unique, striking, memorable , simple, clear, related to your business and something different so it could leave an impact on your client’s mind. It should be as simple so it can be used at any place or get printed for any medium i.e. screen or digitally.

At New Era we have skilled designers with creative and conceptual ideas who take care of color; font; size of the font and text effect etc. . Whatever be the nature of your business and however small or big you might be in size, operations and activities; we just have the expertise, team to design your Corporate logo. Each logo is a masterpiece in itself; 100% original and effective. The logo designing solutions available with New Era is quite affordable; however there is no compromise in terms of quality. We can say that our logos are distinctive and eye-catching in terms of its lettering, color and additional graphical elements.