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As per Cyber Security Research companies, more than 90% are highly vulnerable therefore prone to cyber security risks like defacement of the website, website data theft, intrusion into the webserver etc. Poor software programming skills create cyber security issues thatswhy the number of bugs in the website depends upon the complexity and size of the website or webapp.

Any web-based form or script on your website may have weakness or bug which can cause a website security threat. Your website may not be the direct target of hackers but cyber criminals may use the website as gateway to access the whole webserver.

Website penetration testing in Delhi NCR

Observations and website security research reports depict that thousands of web sites have been compromised and the website owners have no idea that anything malware or malicious code has been added to their website and that their website's visitors are at cyber security risk. Cyber criminals may attack your website visitors by exploiting the weakness existing into your website and thereafter by installing a malicious code into the visitor's computer. Higher are the chances that hacker attacks the websites using a known vulnerability. For example SQL injection is the most common website attack, and it takes place when website forms are not programmed or coded properly. Cyber criminals use the hacking tools to find existing vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

New Era's website security team does the website penetration testing, also known as website scanning or website security audit, finds out the existing vulnerabilities in the website like cross site scripting, SQL injections and help you in fixing up those vulnerabilities. Therefore all website owners must scan the websites regularly and get done full website security audit by experienced cyber security professionals using automated tools and manually also.

  • Website Security Audit using Automated Tools
  • Manual Website penetration Testing
  • Compliance Testing (PCI, OSSTMM, OWASP)

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